Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Converting Waste Thermal Energy to Electricity

Internal combustion engines typically convert approximately 1/3 of the fuel potential energy into propulsion power. The remaining 2/3 of the energy is lost as rejected thermal energy discharged to the environment. ThermaDynamics Rail LLC developed ThermaRail:  Scalable power conversion units specialized in the recovery and conversion of locomotive waste thermal energy into pollutant-free electricity. ThermaRail is non-invasively installed in a few hours while locomotives undergo maintenance or repair. Retrofitting aging and new locomotives with ThermaRail results in locomotive increased electric power availability to augment  propulsion power or supply additional power to increased hotel loads.

Locomotives retrofitted with ThermaRail decrease operating cost and pollutant emissions by 10% to 15% depending on locomotive model and duty cycle.

Locomotive Waste Heat Recovery Systems at a Glance

ThermaRail enables non-invasive retrofitting of specialized shock-absorbing enclosures comprising thermal-to-electric power conversion components. The enclosures are mechanically coupled to lifting lugs normally equipping locomotives external structures. Retrofitting requires 8-12 hours depending on locomotive model and operator requirements

Reversible installations of ThermaRail specialized enclosures consist of coupling High Pressure Heat Exchangers (HiPHEXs), fitted within the locomotive exhaust stack, to a high-speed direct drive turbo-generator, cooling heat exchangers and power electronics. All components are vertically-integrated and designed to operate in highly vibratory environments

More efficient & cleaner locomotives

Waste Energy Recovery

Reduces thermal rejection to the environment and converts this wasted energy into pollutant-free electrical power for multiple uses

Reduces Operating Costs

Locomotives can achieve the same propulsion power with decreased fuel consumption. Operating costs are reduced through fuel savings

Reduces Pollution

ThermaRail retrofitted locomotives directly reduce Particulate Matter (PM), NOx, CO. ThermaRail supports Emission Gas Recirculation (EGR)